Your Financial Anchor




At NIXA, we uphold strong values of integrity, credibility and assurance, as well as a professional corporate culture. Our mission is to generate a better financial future for our clients by:

  • Delivering fiduciary duty
    We place our client’s interests as priority and safeguard their investment interests.

  • Being passionate about performance
    We are passionate in what we do and perform at our best. We expect our employees to have a strong working knowledge of the firm beyond their core responsibilities.

  • Constant Creation
    We are constantly identifying and capitalizing on market trends to provide the most effective investment products for our clients.

  • Transparency
    We provide our clients with the most transparent and constantly updated reports to ensure that our clients are on top of their investments at all times.

  • Responsibility
    We take full responsibility to ensure that our clients not only fully understand the products they invest in but are also aware of the risks involved in order to achieve their desired wealth accumulation.

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