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      To generate Absolute Returns under all market conditions with minimal risk.

      Algo-trading strategies are based on seeking out repeated observable market behaviours with consistent liquidity & volatility patterns. These patterns are vigorously back tested and algo-trading strategies are developed to take advantage of these patterns.

      Human traders provide oversight on the Algo-trading strategies and calibrate limits to optimize performance. They also act as fail-safes to react to various unforeseen market events.

      The Cumulative Return is 352.2%, with an Annualized Return of 28.81%  since inception.

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      To invest and generate consistent profitability in the ever growing Digital Asset market under all market conditions with minimal risk.

      Autonomous Algorithmic Trading deployed will maximise the returns by taking opportunities available at fast speed. Human traders optimize strategies by seeking repeated market behaviours and also act as failsafe in case of unforeseen events.

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      A closed end private equity fund with the objective of seeking Total Return (Income and Capital Growth). Suited for Participating Investors with a three-to-five-year investment horizon.

      The fund focuses primarily on Southeast Asia. The fund’s investments include options, warrants, debt instruments, and convertible securities. A small portion of the fund is also allocated to capturing opportunities, by targeting early-stage high-potential companies to boost returns.

      The fund offers a fixed return per annum to participating investors on their respective capital contributions pro-rated for each Sub-Fund Quarter and payable on a dividend month.

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      Invests into early and growth stage companies in South East Asia with focus on the education, food and beverage, and technology sectors, amongst others which demonstrate high growth potential. We use a Venture Builder approach to ensure effective control and higher success potential. 

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      Invests into Property Projects as a financing partner or joint venture partner for selected property projects in the South East Asia region.

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